OPEX V2 ® Vinyl, Powder Free

Specifically designed for medical applications including laboratory Medicine and Dental Surgery the OPEX® Dual polymer synthetic glove provides the ultimate in comfort and safety.

Virgin Polymers of PVC and POLYURETHANE are layered together to form a cool, lightweight protective film proven in ASTM F1671 and ASTM F903 barrier studies to provide effective protection from HIV and Hepatitis. OPEX®’s rugged construction resists the tearing and increased permeability normally associated with synthetic materials, thus providing long lasting safe protection!!

If you need a synthetic glove that can grip, OPEX® is your #1 choice. OPEX®’s microscopically roughened exterior surface combines excellent tactile sensitivity with superior grip. Great for phlebotomy, handling wet laboratory glass wear and many other delicate applications.

Particulate and ion free OPEX® is ideal for clean manufacturing applications. 100% automated production eliminates bioburden found in hand packed products. Safe for all food handling applications and an effective chemical barrier to all but solvents, OPEX® can meet multi-task requirements in your Health Care or Production facility.

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Feature ASTM Opex V2
Length: min. 230mm avg. 235mm
Palm Thickness: min. 3.2 mils (0.08mm) avg. 3.2 mils (0.08mm)
Finger Thickness: min. 2.0 mils (0.08mm) avg. 5.0 mils (0.13mm)
Tensile Strength
Before aging (MPa): min. 9 avg. 18
After aging (MPa): min. 9 avg. 17
Before aging: min. 300% avg. 360%
After aging: min. 300% avg. 355%
Protein rating(µg/g): N/A N/A
pinhole (AQL): AQL 2.5 AQL 0.65
Material Dual-Polymer: PVC/Poly Urethane
Type Non-sterile
Shape Ambidextrous
Sizes Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Cuff Beaded
Glove Interior Poly Urethane Emulsion, Powder Free
Glove Exterior Microscopic texture
Usage For single use only
Quantities 100 gloves per dispenser box
Health Canada License #64116
CFIA certified for food handling
OPXS-V2 Extra Small
OPS-V2 Small
OPM-V2 Medium
OPL-V2 Large
OPXL-V2 Extra Large
Thicker film at critical finger tip area for extra durability
100% synthetic, appropriate for Latex free glove requirements
Extended length to protect hand and wrist area fully
Ideal for Medical applications
Phthalate Free and Eco-Friendly

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