Ninja ® Nitrile, Powder Free

When a clean, strong, professional look is needed, this black 5 mil Nitrile glove is ideal.

Thick and durable with enough flex for the fine artistry of tattoo, hair design, dentistry, ambulance, laboratory science or pet care.

Fully textured makes sure tools stay firmly in place without slippage.

Additional puncture resistance provides the added security needed when dealing with the high risk potential of blood born pathogens, nasty chemical lubricants and sharp instruments.

This glove is not just for fun, this glove provides Ninja protection from the threat of real hazards!

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Chemotherapy Drug Testing

Feature ASTM Ninja
Length: min. 230mm avg. 240mm
Palm Thickness: min. 2 mils (0.05mm) avg. 4.8 mils (0.12mm)
Finger Thickness: min. 2 mils (0.05mm) avg. 5.3 mils (0.14mm)
Tensile Strength
Before aging (MPa): min. 14 avg. 22
After aging (MPa): min. 14 avg. 28
Before aging: min. 500% avg. 570%
After aging: min. 400% avg. 500%
Protein rating(µg/g): N/A Protein Free
pinhole (AQL): AQL 2.5 1.5
Puncture Resistance
Before aging: 2N min 4N
After aging: 2N min 4N
Material Nitrile
Type Non-sterile
Shape Ambidextrous
Sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Cuff Beaded
Glove Interior Micro Chlorination, Powder Free
Glove Exterior Fully Textured
Usage For single use only
Quantities 200 gloves per dispenser box
Colour Black
Health Canada License #64115
Certified for Chemotherapy handling ASTM D6978-05
CFIA certified for food handling
ASTM 6319
OPS-NI Small
OPM-NI Medium
OPL-NI Large
OPXL-NI Extra Large
ISO 13485:2003 Quality Management System Certified.

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