Blue Lite ® Nitrile, Powder Free

Redesigned for 2014, Blue Lite is just a touch thinner than before, improving tactile sensitivity without compromising durability.

The new lightweight design allows improved comfort through the palm and thumb. Additional film thickness at the fingertip ensures durability in the most crucial areas.

Fingertip textured for added grip, combined with a bonded polymer exterior surface, ensures that your glove will not become slippery when wet! The internal surface is polymer coated for improved donning and biocompatibility.

Blue Lite is ideal for fine tasks such as phlebotomy, general laboratory applications as well as dentistry.

Blue Lite feels and conforms so much like Latex that you can now commit to a latex free environment without compromising comfort.

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Chemotherapy Drug Testing

Feature ASTM Blue Lite
Length: min. 230mm avg. 240mm
Palm Thickness: min. 2 mils (0.05mm) avg. 2.8 mils (0.07mm)
Finger Thickness: min. 2 mils (0.05mm) avg. 4.2 mils (0.10mm)
Tensile Strength
Before aging (MPa): min. 14 avg. 30
After aging (MPa): min. 14 avg. 25
Before aging: min. 500% avg. 600%
After aging: min. 400% avg. 530%
Protein rating(µg/g): N/A Protein Free
pinhole (AQL): AQL 2.5 1.5 AQL (better than international standards)
Puncture Resistance
Before aging: 2N min 4N
After aging: 2N min 4N
Colour Cornflower Blue
Material Nitrile
Type Non-sterile
Shape Ambidextrous
Sizes Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Cuff Beaded
Glove Interior Polymer coated
Glove Exterior Fingertip textured
Usage For single use only
Quantities 200 gloves per dispenser box
Health Canada License #64115
Certified for Chemotherapy handling ASTM D6978-05
CFIA certified for food handling
ASTM 6319
OPXS-BL2 Extra Small
OPS-BL2 Small
OPM-BL2 Medium
OPL-BL2 Large
OPXL-BL2 Extra Large
Non allergy promoting Synthetic Nitrile
Fingertip textured surface for enhanced grip
Greatly improved tactile sensitivity, this Nitrile glove is great for Phlebotomy
Internal surface is polymer coated for improved donning and biocompatibility
Greater Comfort and reduced hand fatigue
Excellent protection from bloodborne pathogens including HIV and Hepatitis, bacteria including anthrax and chemical agents

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