Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves

Nitrile is Ocean Pacific’s most progressive range of medical gloves. Our nitrile range contains everything from ultra thin gloves, in between sizes, pink, blue, silver and white colours. Rest assured, we’ve got a glove for you.

Aqua Blue ®

The AQUA BLUE® Nitrile Powder Free glove gives you one more reason to choose the top quality offered exclusively by Ocean Pacific.

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Blue Lite ®

New! Blue Lite is softer and lighter than ever before. Continuing the tradition of strength combined with superior tactile sensitivity.

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Ocean Pacific is pleased to offer DYNAMIC! This latex-free NITRILE glove delivers unparallel comfort, durability and safety. Dynamic is offered in professional white for patient peace of mind.

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Eclipse ®

Soft, flexible, and resilient, Eclipse offers out of this world comfort! Nothing compares to the unrestricted fit and feel of this highly protective and durable glove.

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Flamingo ®

Flamingo is just a bit roomier than the rest of the Ocean Pacific product line, available in feminine friendly, popular pink.

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Harmony ®

Ocean Pacific is pleased to offer our newest Nitrile Powder-free glove “Harmony”. This soft, flexible and odour free Nitrile glove provides unparalleled protection from HIV and Hepatitis.

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Intuition ®

Designed to fit and feel tension free, the soft flex of Intuition lets you move without resistance. Now you can really TRUST YOUR INTUITION.

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Lab Master ®

The LAB MASTER® Nitrile powder free boasts the lowest AQL 1.5 for pinhole defects in the industry ensuring value and safety, an excellent choice for applications that require protection from mechanical as well as biological agents.

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Ninja ®

When a clean, strong, professional look is needed, this fully textured, black Nitrile glove is ideal.

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Titanium ®

Titanium offers the best possible protection due to its super low 1.0 AQL quality standard.

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Ultra Touch ®

Durability is a sign of quality. 560% elongation and 27 MPa tensile strength ensures that Ultra Touch is also ultra tough.

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