Our Quality is Your Advantage

Not all quality systems are created equally.

Ocean Pacific is proud to share our quality systems advantages with you, our valued customer.

Ocean Pacific offers you more assurance than any other company. From ongoing product development to rigorous third-party inspections. Our gloves are up to the task of providing optimal protection from bloodborne pathogens and harmful chemicals.

Our Promise to You

In the unlikely event of a problem with any Ocean Pacific product, our quality systems are created to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Ocean Pacific stands behind the quality of our products. We provide no-hassle replacement. Our quality systems allow us to efficiently track, isolate and resolve problems in product development or logistics.

If you do experience a problem with any Ocean Pacific product, please let us know. We really do appreciate your input.

How We Do It at Ocean Pacific
ISO 13485 – The Quality System

Ocean Pacific is an ISO 13485 certified company. ISO 13485 is an international quality standard for medical devices that involves rigorous third-party auditing of our internal supply/logistics processes and all customer facing systems.

All companies wishing to sell medical examination gloves in Canada must be licensed by Health Canada. Companies wishing to sell products that are used for food handling must also be licensed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Ocean Pacific is licensed with both Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Ocean Pacific license documents are always available for your reference and assurance.

Our Advantage: Quality and Expertise

Ocean Pacific has a long and rich history in the medical glove field. From our early beginnings building and operating our own factory, to today’s model of integrated research and development. Ocean Pacific has partnerships with the worlds best manufacturing facilities.

Unlike most glove speciality companies, Ocean Pacific does not source products based on lowest price. Our product parameters include: Consistent Quality, Hypoallergenicity, Consistency and Security of Supply, Innovation.

The Ocean Pacific Management team takes the time to physically visit and audit all partner facilities. This hands-on approach allows us to resolve manufacturing problems quickly and ensure that facilities are maintained in excellent working condition.

Ocean Pacific products leaving partner facilities are subjected to rigorous testing. Containers are certified by SGS Testing Services to ensure that our products meet ASTM standards. Once products reach our domestic warehouses they are again tested prior to release, to ensure no deterioration of the product has occurred during transit.

When quality matters, Ocean Pacific delivers!

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