About Ocean Pacific

Our Story

Ocean Pacific Ltd. (Ocean Pacific) began manufacturing quality medical gloves for Canadian health care and scientific professionals 25 years ago.

Originally Ocean Pacific manufacturing took place exclusively in The Philippines. In hindsight, this wasn’t the best idea, as The Philippines were experiencing intense political turmoil at the time.

Two years after manufacturing began in The Philippines, Ocean Pacific moved operations to Thailand where it thrived for many years. Eventually, as a result of the Asian economic boom, Ocean Pacific decided to expand its product offering and spread manufacturing between Taiwan and Malaysia.

Although we faced many logistical challenges, early Ocean Pacific products were well received due to their consistent quality. Over time, Ocean Pacific established the strong Canadian distribution chain that still survives today.

Our Philosophy

For over two decades Ocean Pacific has been committed to producing the best quality medical gloves and giving you real, personal, customer care.

Our mandate is to provide health care and scientific professionals with products that make their work safer, more comfortable and perhaps even a bit more fun.

Our Personality

Ocean Pacific is a unique company that recognizes the importance of strong internal culture. Ocean Pacific is a team project. We work hard to eliminate traditional “top-down” business structure wherever possible. The result is a stable, reliable, accountable team of professionals whose contributions are valued equally.


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Toll Free: 1.888.293.2287 | Local: 604.980.6500